Motivate, Reward and Revitalise your team with Seated Chair Massage at your Workplace

The perfect place to relax and recharge is in one of our ergonomic massage chairs. Our massage chairs are ideally suited for the office and are designed explicitly for workplace massage. This is our most popular massage option, allowing the individual to take some time away from their desk in a quiet space with the choice of soft background music and the aroma of essentials oils.

Our massage therapists use only top quality products to keep our clients safe. All products are hypoallergenic to ensure you’re the safety of employees’ needs and requirements. Our ergonomic chairs are sourced and made in Australia, adhering to all Australian safety standards. Athlegen is our preferred supplier in Australia.

Building staff morale!

Providing recognition to your valued staff will help set up a positive work environment, developing a healthy workplace culture. Raising awareness around employee health and well-being elevates their mood, increases energy and productivity. Regular wellness initiatives set the mood for anticipation, adding a touch of excitement in the office!

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Benefits of Corporate Seated Massage

  • Mental and physical stress & fatigue in the office environment
  • Improving body posture
  • Relaxing the mind whilst improving mental focus and concentration
  • Preventing muscle cramps and spasm, relieving headaches and neck pain
  • Relieving RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome)
  • Lowering blood pressure, calming the nervous system, boosting the immune system and
  • Increasing blood circulation.

Relieves common muscle strain and soreness in the back, shoulders, neck, wrists, and arms associated with long hours at the computer

Workplace Seated Chair Massage Testimonial

For seated chair massage, we recommend 10 – 30 minutes per person.

Book a *regular weekly wellness program and receive 10% off for the entire year! Call today, or mention the discount via our inquiry form: 1300 520 862  |  Claim 10% Online Enquiry * Regular= weekly rotation, a minimum booking time of 4 hours, and a term of at least 6 months.