The five benefits of employees’ health and wellbeing

With the growing awareness around the importance of mental health, emotional wellbeing, and physical fitness, comes the essential need for employers to invest in the health of their employees. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is also good for business. Investment in employee health and wellbeing has been found to result in increased creativity, engagement, and production.

Given the current situation with Covid-19 this is now more important than ever. The mental and emotional health of your staff is essential as we all move through this period of uncertainty. Let’s take a look at 5 great reasons for how your organisation can benefit from employee wellbeing and health.

  1. Increased employee productivity

Employees will give so much more to the company that looks after them! The bonus of alert and focused staff is increased productivity; when your employees are working more efficiently and productively, profits must increase. With the daily busy routine, one optimum way of increasing productivity is by providing small breaks in the employee’s busy routine. This will help employees to clear their minds, keeping them more focused and active.

Furthermore, regular breaks significantly reduce personal and work-related stress. Thus, helping your employees to cope. Corporate massage is an ideal example with a well-deserved 15-minute break to relax and restore the mind to the body.

  1. Adopting a healthy workplace

Wellness programs can be used to drive and reinforce healthy behaviours, bringing benefits to the employer, the employee, and their families. Employers have a tremendous opportunity to help their employees see the value of adopting healthier behaviours so that they can live healthier lives. A healthy workplace culture where managers reinforce a sound wellbeing strategy can help keep employees motivated and engaged.

  1. Employee retention and reduction of absenteeism

An organization that focuses on having regular employee wellbeing programs also leads the way towards a better rate of staff retention and reduced absenteeism. When your employees feel valued and appreciated they will stay with you, it’s that simple. This not only saves your organisation the cost of rehiring, but it also saves time spent recruiting and training new staff. Happy and content employees will become advocates for your company, helping you to become an employer of choice.

Organizations can see evidence of reduced absenteeism though the elevation of mood and mindset of their employees, reduced stress & fatigue plus their health, in general, will reduce sick days and keep them in the workplace.

  1. Building Staff morale

Giving importance to employee wellness will not only reduce health-related costs, but it will also save you serious dollars. Your employees are your backbone and supporting them throughout will showcase your amazing company culture. Providing recognition to your valued staff will set up a positive work environment helping them to elevate their mood and increase renewed energy. Introducing wellness initiatives and activities on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis sets the mood for anticipation, adding a buzz in the office and it’s something to look forward too. You can be certain staff will not want to miss their seated massage session, yoga, or meditation class on Monday!

  1. Social connection and Nurture

One of the biggest challenges in the current ‘stay at home’ orders for employees is the lack of social connections with their work colleagues. We know that the current Covid-19 restrictions are important for everyone’s health and safety, however, it is also affecting social interaction with others. Working from home can affect employee wellness in different ways; social distancing leading to isolation, finding it hard to maintain mental clarity, physical fitness, and lack of enthusiasm may be common factors. As an employer, this may hamper your business in the long term. The provision of a well-being program or wellness activity to welcome back employees and a return to normality will be appreciated and hugely valued by your staff.

Many companies are embracing new and innovative corporate wellness activities and events that go beyond a typical company BBQ or other widely used but not as effective ways of applying well-being into the workplace. Group sessions such as onsite yoga and meditation will encourage relaxation and mental clarity, whilst a rejuvenating massage will enable feelings of happiness and increased focus. Onsite health checks will provide staff and companies with the ability to check and evaluate their health increasing the shift in awareness around their health. These events and activities promote powerful nurturing and will leave a lasting impression on participants.