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Corporate Massage FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions for On-site Corporate Massage

These are our most frequently asked questions concerning corporate onsite massages through out Australia.

What do I wear, are the massages provided through clothing?2020-04-29T20:05:11+10:00

Yes the massages are provided through clothing with our seated chair massages. No special clothing attire is required, however we do recommend you remove your jacket and tie to make the experience more comfortable.

How much space is required?2020-04-29T20:06:02+10:00

A room or space of approximately 2m x 2m is required per practitioner. You can have multiple therapists in one room as long as there is adequate space.

What equipment do you provide?2020-04-29T20:14:20+10:00

We will provide our ergonomic massage chair/s, hypo-allergenic hand cream, hygiene products and soft background music to create a relaxing environment in your office.

What is the most popular time frame per massage?2020-04-29T20:15:07+10:00

15 minutes in our ergonomic chair is the most popular, however we can accommodate from 5 mins – 30 minutes per person depending on your staff numbers.

What hygiene practices to have in place?2020-04-29T20:15:35+10:00

Each of our practitioners have completed the health departments hygiene and infections control course. To protect each participant, we use disposable cloth head protectors for each person, hand sanitiser plus additional hand washing breaks every 2 hours. If using a chair, this is thoroughly wiped down with antibacterial wipes between each participant.

Are your practitioners fully qualified and insured?2020-04-29T20:17:11+10:00

Yes! All of our practitioners have at least a cert 1V in massage, with most having a diploma in remedial massage, many also have additional qualifications in Sports & Exercise Science, anatomy & physiology, nutrition & personal training. We also have nurses and naturopaths providing our health checks. All practitioners have professional indemnity & public liability. Corporate Hands are also fully covered with PI&PL and workers compensation insurance.

Do you have an online booking system?2020-04-29T20:18:31+10:00

Yes! We have a fully comprehensive online booking system with an exclusive link just for your business. You can read more about it here:

How much does it cost?2020-04-29T20:19:44+10:00

Pricing varies according to your company’s needs, however, on average, the hourly rate is $80.00/hr per practitioner for our onsite massage services.

You can download our pricing guide here:

What is your cancellation policy?2020-04-29T20:20:55+10:00

You can view our terms and conditions here:

Briefly, however, a 50% cancellation fee or 2 hours per practitioner will apply to all cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice. Same day cancellations will be charged at 100% of the booking value.

What do we as a company need to provide?2020-04-29T20:21:58+10:00

We ask that the company provides with an appropriate room or space to provide our services in. If this is outside, then we will require protection from the elements. If we are providing our massage chair, then we do ask for onsite parking or the cost reimbursed for CBD parking. Your staff will also be asked to complete a waiver/consent form. This is available online or in paper form.

What areas of the body can be massaged in a chair?2020-04-29T20:23:08+10:00

Within a 15-minute time frame we would usually massage areas including, lower/upper back, shoulders, neck and arms, however your participants can ask our practitioner for specific areas to be massaged according to their preferences.

What time will our therapist arrive/ how much time is required for set up?2020-04-29T20:25:17+10:00

Your practitioner will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your booked time to allow for set up and to go over any questions you may have. Set up only takes 5-10 minutes.

What are the benefits of corporate massage?2020-04-30T15:22:33+10:00

There are many benefits to corporate massage and you can view our blog with a list of essential benefits listed here:

I am pregnant, can I still get a massage?2020-04-30T15:24:52+10:00

Of course, however you need to advise the practitioner of your pregnancy and if you have other health issues that need to be addressed. Our practitioner will adjust the pressure and routine to suit your pregnancy stage. Please keep in mind we many need to place you in a standard chair if your pregnancy is in the later trimester.

How much time is allocated for therapist breaks?2020-04-30T15:26:14+10:00

Our practitioners need 15-minute break every 3 hours, a 30-minute break for a 6 hour day. With new hygiene practices with the Covid-19 situation, we have now added in an additional 5-minute break every 2 hours for ‘hand washing’. This is in addition to regular hand sanitising. Your company is not charged for these breaks.

What is difference between ‘seated’ and ‘at desk or roving’ massage?2020-04-30T15:29:41+10:00

Seated chair massages are those which are provided in our ergonomic chairs, these are usually scheduled and booked prior. An “at-desk” or “roving” massage is provided for larger offices or can be a shorter duration massage at a staff’s own desk. Our practitioners rove the office floor, delivering massages on demand. To ensure a smooth and efficient service we recommend you utilise our ‘laminated hands’ for at-desk massage. These are attached to computers/desks, create a fun vibe and enable our practitioners to easily locate who wants a massage.

How does the scheduling work?2020-04-30T16:21:13+10:00

Our practitioners work back to back with 1 minute in between participants to allow for change over, so you can book 10- or 15-minute slots with minimal interruption.

Our team excels at time management and we ask that your staff turn up on-time, so they don’t miss out on precious minutes.

2 Scheduling Options

  1. We have a manual scheduling template you can use.
  2. Or you can opt for our online booking system here:
What if we want to extend the time?2020-04-30T16:26:50+10:00

No problem with time extension, if the company have additional staff and would like to extend, you will need to check in with our practitioners availability and if okay, she/he will advise us and we can invoice you for the balance.

I have a health issue; will the massage be safe for me?2020-04-30T16:29:51+10:00

You will need to advise us of your health issue at the time of booking (online) or advise your practitioner on the day. She/he will then advise you if it is safe to proceed. Should you have any questions prior to booking, you can call or send us an email.

Do you cater to people with allergies?2020-04-30T16:32:03+10:00

We are always mindful of allergies. We will ask permission prior to using any creams for massage. All hygiene products are hypo-allergenic as are our hand creams. However, we understand some people may be ultra-sensitive to products, if you want a product you are welcome to bring you own specific brand.

Do we need to provide onsite parking?2020-04-30T16:33:20+10:00

For CBD or high-density locations where we need to provide our ergonomic chair/s we do ask that onsite free parking is available. If not free parking is available, we will invoice for the parking costs. We do our best to source budget parking where possible.

We’ve seen your ‘laminated hands’ in other offices – can we have them too?2020-04-30T16:34:46+10:00

Yes of course, these are provided at no additional cost (as long as they are returned). Should your preference be for our roving massages, our therapists will quietly roam the office space and provide neck, back and shoulder massages to your staff whilst they are seated at their desks. We can also provide our ‘laminated hands’ which are easily placed upon the monitors or desks of those staff wanting a massage, this adds a fun element to your office and also ensures our therapists can easily locate who would like a massage on the day.. fun, beneficial and efficient.

What is your availability like?2020-04-30T16:36:34+10:00

Our preference is for at least 7 days’ notice so we can be assured of confirming your preferred date, time and practitioner. However quite often we can accommodate last-minute bookings, it’s always worth a try!

What other services do you provide?2020-04-30T16:38:01+10:00

In addition to onsite corporate massage services, we also provide onsite Yoga and Meditation Classes. Plus, we have qualified health professionals providing onsite health checks. You can view our corporate massage services here.

What is recommended after the massage?2020-04-30T16:39:08+10:00

After the massage, we would recommend you drink a glass of water to maintain your hydration levels. If there are any specific issues that require stretches or referrals, your therapist will advise you after the massage.

Do you have video so we can see an example of the massage style?2020-04-30T16:40:29+10:00

Yes we do, you can check them out here 😊 –  15minute video – 5 minute video


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