Online Booking System

Corporate Hands can provide your company with access to a fully comprehensive online booking system. Staff can easily use this system to book their own appointments, with the option to pay individually if required.

  • Exclusive booking link for your company
  • Syncs with Outlook calendar
  • Automatic reminders via email one day prior
  • Administration access to view and make changes to participant bookings
  • Access to summary and performance reports

Exclusive Booking Link

Staff can use the link to book their own appointments, no login details necessary. We also provide an administrator link to view the full calendar, make changes to booking times, reschedule appointments, and add extra staff as required. The booking system is live and updates every 5 seconds.

Outlook Calendar

Appointments sync with Outlook calendar, a confirmation is emailed to staff, and a reminder is sent one day prior to the appointment.


Options for fully staff funded or part-funded bookings. Individual staff can pay with their credit details through our safe and secure payment portal with Eway.

Less Administration

No manual sign-up sheets and an inbuilt participation wavier means no paperwork. Our staff are always on hand for any questions you may have, and we can send a copy of the completed schedule one day prior.


Upon request, we can provide access to multiple reports to track participant retention and performance summaries.

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