Corporate Massage & Yoga in Australia.

Motivate and engage your greatest asset (your staff). Engage our on-site Corporate Massage and Wellness services in the office or at your event in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin or Adelaide!

Do you want a team of happy motivated and engaged employees?

Invite our professional corporate massage therapists and yoga instructors to visit your workplace. Let us help to de-stress, refresh and recharge your team so they can return to work and perform at their peak!

Our massage and wellness programs have been shown to improve employee productivity, engagement and retention. We know you depend on the talent and motivation of your staff. We also know their well-being at work is crucial to your productivity.

Our team of massage therapists and wellness practitioners across Australia love what they do. They are proud to be on the Corporate Hands team.

In addition to our onsite massage and yoga classes, we also offer meditation classes in the office or for your event. Group core and strengthening classes with our qualified professional physiotherapists. Onsite health checks including; musculoskeletal functional tests, general well-being checks and skin cancer checks with experiences and qualified health professionals.

Corporate Hands was first established in Perth in 2008 and has now expanded into a highly sought-after national provider of corporate wellness, massage and yoga for all cities and regional areas in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, where we provide onsite office massage both seated and at-desk, events massage, yoga and meditation classes and sports events massage of the highest quality to individuals and companies all over Australia. You can read more about us here.

Rewarding your staff has never been easier …

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