Terms and Conditions for Corporate Hands Pty Ltd

We (Corporate Hands Pty Ltd) agree to provide the Services (Massage and other Wellness Services) to the Customer according to our Pricing Schedule included on the Customer Invoice. Corporate Hands has appropriate insurance coverage and in-house systems and procedures to deliver a high-quality service. We require a minimum of 7-days’ notice to guarantee the availability of our practitioners. We also have a minimum booking time of 2-hours per booking per practitioner for our corporate massage sessions, a 1-hour minimum call out for our onsite Yoga & Meditation Classes and a 3-hour minimum time frame for our onsite health check services. Bookings on a weekend or prior to 7am or after 5pm will be charged at a higher hourly rate.

Payment Terms: All payment terms are 7 days from invoice issue date unless alternate arrangements have been agreed to. A 25% upfront payment may be required on bookings of more than $2000.00 and a 50% upfront payment may be required for bookings over $5000.00. If issuing Purchase orders, they must be received at least one week in advance of the booking. We reserve the right to cancel bookings if no attempt to complete the required upfront payment has been made 7-days prior to the massage booking date. Overdue invoices may be subject to late payment fees. Our accepted methods of payment are by direct deposit or credit card using our Internet Payment Gateway (Eway). Payments via credit card will incur a 1% fee and Amex will incur a 2% fee.

Cancellation Fees: A 50% cancellation fee or 2 hours per practitioner will apply to all cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice. Same day cancellations will be charged at 100% of the booking value. All due effort will be made to accommodate a ‘change of date’ request which will incur no charge provided a minimum of 48 hours notice is given. A ‘change of date’ will be treated as a new booking and is subject to standard notice requirement.

Online Booking Portal: Regular customers have exclusive use of our online booking portal at no charge. For one off or irregular customers, there may be an additional cost to utilise our online booking calendar. This will be advised on booking confirmation.

Fully Staff Funded: Online bookings where staff pay individually has a strict two-hour minimum time frame and a 48 hour cancellation policy: If the schedule has not reached the two-hour minimum time frame within 48 hours the booking will be cancelled in order to receive a full refund. No refunds will be given if the booking is cancelled by the customer with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Part Staff Funded: Where the customer is billed for non-booked appointments or gaps in the calendar, our 24 hour cancellation policy will apply.

Events: All outdoor events must have adequate protection from the elements for our therapists. If an event is cancelled due to weather 24 hrs prior to the event, a cancellation fee of two hours for each practitioner will apply. All other cancellations will be set at 24 hours.

Roving Massage: We and our team will make every effort to massage the numbers of staff quoted in the required

time period and where possible, any additional people on the day, however, Corporate Hands cannot be held responsible for fewer massages completed due to the recipients not being ready or our team having to travel between offices/floors/buildings etc. Where you have received our ‘laminated hands’ for our roving massage service, these must be posted back to us within 7 days or a $1.00 charge per hand may be charged, unless other arrangements have been agreed to (our regular customers can keep them on their premises).

Flexible Timing: Where the need to apply flexibility for staff numbers occurs, we can be flexible within 30 minutes either side of the booked time with notice 7 days prior to booking confirmation. For our regular clients we may provide further flexibility where pre-arranged. Where the customer requests additional time on the day, they must seek authorisation from Corporate Hands management and can only proceed if authorisation is granted. Time extensions may be invoiced separately and require payment within 7-days of invoice being issued or may be subject to late payment fees.

Parking: We ask that free parking is provided onsite where customers are located in the CBD or in areas where parking is limited or expensive, if no free onsite parking is provided, parking costs will be passed onto the customer. In some cases, we can arrange for our team to utilise public transport however this is not always possible and if not, parking may be necessary, and charges will apply. Where we are not providing equipment to your workplace or event, parking fees will not be on-charged.

Travel: Travel fees will apply with all work carried out 30 kms outside of the CBD or metro areas or 45 minutes in travel time. Fees will be discussed as per location/distance as applicable prior to confirmation of the booking.

Refund Policy: If you are unsatisfied with our service that was purchased, you may be entitled to a refund which will be discussed with management as to what is deemed reasonable. We require written notification of your desire to enact this refund within 24 hours of delivery of our service You will be contacted by a Corporate Hands representative to discuss your experience and process your refund.

Breaks: Australian Occupational Health and Safety standards requires that our practitioners have a 30-minute break for every four hours of work completed. Our team are aware of this and we ask that all clients please adhere to this requirement.

Punctuality: We will make all efforts to be punctual both with our start and finish times of the massage booked. We request the same of our clients. We understand the workings of today’s corporate environment and that not all appointments run precisely to time. If individuals are unavailable to be massaged within the booked time our team will seek direction from the key contact and/or offer their massage to other members of staff.

Uniform: Corporate Hands practitioners will always attend your event or workplace dressed in Corporate Hands uniform unless otherwise pre-arranged. Our uniform consists of black footwear, black long pants, and a Corporate Hands branded blue polo shirt. Exceptions may be made for outdoor or sporting events where appropriate shorts will be worn. We are happy to allow our team to wear client branded wear if pre-arranged. Should clients wish to provide a shirt or uniform for our practitioners to wear, details must be provided, and such wear is deemed appropriate by us.

Qualifications: Corporate Hands practitioners are all fully qualified and insured massages therapists, yoga or meditation teachers, fitness instructors, naturopaths or nurses. All have been handpicked specifically to provide you with the best health and well-being service available. Many of our practitioners also

have backgrounds in Sports and Exercise Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition and Personal Training.

Disclaimers: Waivers will be provided and must be read and signed by each individual participating in our services. Each participant will need to inform our practitioner of any medical conditions or health concerns prior to commencing our services. Our practitioner may refuse to provide the service if they deem the service inappropriate due to health or other medical factors. Our ergonomic chairs are tested to take a weight of up to 150kg– should your staff members weight exceed this please provide a standard chair which we can utilize. Our service does not take into account a full medical history and should not be interpreted as a substitute for evaluation or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Corporate Hands practitioners are fully qualified professionals and any inappropriate comments or behavior will not be tolerated and may result in refusal of treatment. We hereby release Corporate Hands and their therapists from any liability, risks and complications resulting from participation in the massage service provided.

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Last updated: January 2020