Corporate Onsite Health Checks

Our onsite health checks provide an overview of the general health and wellbeing of your staff. Employees can gain insight into their health with a face-face consultation with a qualified health professional. The checks take approximately 15 minutes, we provide a fully comprehensive online booking system and a pre-health questionnaire to gain an understanding of your staff’s general health prior to our visit. Please see our 3 options below:

Option 1

Corporate Onsite General Health Check

Option 1 is carried out by qualified Nurses, Naturopaths, or Pharmacists and includes:

  • Blood pressure check

  • Blood glucose check

  • Body composition check

  • Personalised health check results card to take home

  • Advice & recommendations on general health matters

  • Referral to a health care professional if required

Option 2

Postural Functional Tests, Ergonomic Assessments & Group Strengthing- Conditioning Classes

  • Posture, core stability, and musculoskeletal flexibility check. This helps to reduce injury and claims through evaluation and advice on increasing flexibility, strength and correct posture.

    This option is carried out by a qualified Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist and can include:

    • An individual assessment to test muscular function, posture, core stability and flexibility.
    • Summary to gain an overview of your employee’s risk profile and the likelihood of lost work time through injury
    • Recommendations or strategies to minimise risk of workplace injury.
    • Regular group strengthening and conditioning classes.
    • Ergonomic Assessments

Option 3

Onsite Skin Screening Checks

Onsite Skin Screening Checks are provided by a qualified medical doctor and/or nurse qualified in dermoscopy.

Full-body skin checks to identify potential skin cancer lesions.

Our chosen provider can bulk bill your individual staff and this can be discussed prior to your booking.

Comprehensive service may also include:

  • Cryotherapy – (Liquid nitrogen)
  • Education on skin cancer prevention and promote skin health and wellness.
  • Outcomes report – basic report for management to review
  • A referral to a skin cancer specialist if required.
  • Biopsy* –Taking a sample of a suspicious lesion if doctor warrants further investigation.
  • This service* is available if a guarantee of 2 private rooms can be supplied on the day.
  • Fully comprehensive online booking system.

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