Why Event Massage for your Sporting Event?

We have recenrlty provided massage for the HBF Run for Reason, and Iron Man 70.3, if you would like an overview of our massage for sporting events please click here or contact us.

Massage has become a necessary modality for any strenuous activity. Caring for the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that naturally occur with active training and exercise. The physiological and psychological benefits of sports massage make it an ideal complement to any workout, activity or sports event.

Sports massage helps athletes and sports enthusiasts prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, and function well during training and competition. The repetition of training and competition especially for runners, cyclists, netball, tennis or football players (this list is endless here) makes sports massage an essential part of preparation for events. A range of specialised techniques are used to promote flexibility, improve endurance, help prevent injuries by increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage to all allow for quicker recovery.

A professional recovery massage and or regular program is crucial to help prevent acute or chronic injury stemming from increased muscle tightness and or decreased range of motion. Consistent exercised muscles may also lose their capacity to relax and a lack of flexibility is often linked to muscle soreness that can predispose athletes to injuries, especially minor muscle tears. Lack of blood flow through tight muscles is also reduced and can cause localised pain. A combination of event massage may include one or all of the below depending on whether the event is a high level elite tennis or football game to a charity marathon or corporate triathlon.

Massage Options for Sporting Events


A short 10-15 minute massage provided prior to an event will improve performance and help reduce injury. This is primarily used to warm up the muscles in preparation for an event or game.


Usually for high level games and events – short duration massage is provided in breaks to help athletes recover from the preceding activity and prepare for balance of the game/event. There is a focus on the major muscles stressed during activity.


Massage provided on completion of event or after competition is primarily concerned with recovery. Recovery massage is generally relaxing, the focus is on reducing muscle spasms and the build-up of toxins that occurs within the muscle fibres, increasing blood flow and enhancing quicker recovery.

Why Choose Corporate Hands for your Sporting Event Massage?

Corporate Hands has highly regarded sports massage therapists who are qualified and insured professionals regularly working with elite athletes, sporting teams and corporate events. All hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage with many also having backgrounds in sports and exercise science, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and personal training. Our massage therapists are not only skilled in their profession; they listen to the needs of each participant before commencing the massage so that every participant needs are met.

Since 2010 our team have been successfully involved in various multiple corporate and professional sporting events in every state of Australia, quality massage therapists are handpicked to provide professional services to thousands of participants, amateur competitors and professional athletes. Some of the event we have been involved with include: HBF Run for ReasonIron Man 70.3City2Surf Sydney, City to Surf Perth, Great Ocean Road Cycling Race, Mercedes-Berwick Cycling Challenge, City-Bay Adelaide, Blacktown Running Festival, Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games, Melbourne Corporate Triathlon, Multiple corporate triathlons, Elite cycling events and multiple fun runs.

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