Reward Your Employees

If you own a business, lead an organisation or manage a team of employees, you will likely understand the importance of employee recognition. Making a regular habit of recognising and rewarding your employees can make a big difference. Employees who feel valued are more likely to say they feel happy, content at work, and have better overall wellbeing. With the festive season is fast approaching, now is the perfect time to reward your employees with a corporate wellness service from Corporate Hands.

Show Them You Appreciate Them

Each of your staff members will be different and will respond differently to your recognition and encouragement. By offering your team the chance to receive a corporate wellness service, you can show your staff that you value and appreciate their work.

The opportunity to join in on a group yoga or mediation session will be an experience that the team can share, and will help build relationships and morale amongst the team. When your staff feel content and appreciated, they are more likely to work efficiently, and the overall quality of their work will improve. A solid recognition and rewards program can make a big difference in terms of both productivity and output.

You might decide to surprise your staff with a reward after they have completed a complex project, or when they complete a task ahead of the deadline. Another way to motivate them is to let them know that you will offer a corporate wellness reward if they meet or exceed a particular goal or objective. Having something extra to strive towards can help some people focus and be even more determined to achieve.

Improving Employee Wellbeing Through Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Strategies to improve employee health and wellbeing are no longer just a nice addition to a role. Organisations are now expected to provide corporate wellness supports and services that support the health of staff. This includes everything from employee assistance programs to, skin cancer checks or smoking, drug, and alcohol support programs.

Many organisations offer more than just the basics and look at programs that support mindfulness and relaxation. Such programs are particularly valuable in workplaces with high levels of stress or people who are working long hours. Those in caring roles and professions often give so much of themselves that they can become burnt out, run-down, or depressed.

One way you can ensure that wellbeing stays on the agenda is to make corporate wellness a topic for discussion at team meetings and with resources in share spaces and lunchrooms. Another option is to treat your team members to a massage that will leave them feeling relaxed and cared for.

Healthy Workers Are Better Workers

When your staff feel well, they are more likely to work efficiently and be productive. There are many ways you can promote wellbeing, for example providing fruit or giving team members a pedometer to count their steps. But arranging a massage or shared yoga or meditation corporate wellness session with Corporate Hands is a personalised, thoughtful and fun way to promote a healthy body and mind for all of your employees.

Recognise better culture through employee recognition and rewards.

Established in 2008, Corporate Hands helps you to create a more mindful corporate environment. From our seated chair massage services to our on-site health checks, we provide 100% complete corporate wellness programs throughout all of Australia. We can come to your business location in several areas:

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