National Employee Appreciation Day 

National Employee Appreciation Day occurs on the first Friday in March each year. National Employee Appreciation Day is all about recognising the hard work your people put in and thanking them for keeping your organisation up and running.

What is Employee Appreciation Day?

National Employee Appreciation Day gives businesses the chance to recognise and reward their employees. It’s not about deadlines, sales or performance. It’s simply the opportunity to express gratitude for ongoing employee effort. So often organisations fail to pay enough attention to setting up recognition and rewards systems, and motivation levels can suffer as a result.

National Employee Appreciation Day 2022

The last couple of years have been tough for all of us. Many of us have been away from the workplace and trying to get work done remotely. For those of us with public-facing roles, and in-service industries, there have been increased risks and pressures at work. Many big enterprises have been surprised to see how committed and determined their workforces have been during this period. Employees across Australia have been putting in extra hours just to keep businesses running. What better time than Friday, March 4th to thank your people for their persistence, tenacity, and effort?

Saying Thank You to your employees

Taking the time to acknowledge and thank your staff can make a big difference in terms of morale and give everyone a real boost. With so many channels open for communication these days, you have plenty of options for sharing the love. You could put a story up your intranet, or send an email to all staff. National Employee Appreciation Day is also a great time to make a social media post about a team or an individual that has made a really big difference. These kinds of personalised posts can help your business seem more human and real in the mind of your customers.

Recognising and rewarding your employees

It’s certainly true that actions speak louder than words, and while stating your appreciation for your staff is great, National Employee Appreciation Day also gives you the chance to do something super kind. One gesture that is bound to make your employees feel valued and appreciated is a massage by Corporate Hands. For many, a massage is an absolute treat that leaves them feeling relaxed, rested, and restored. Let your staff know how much they mean to you and your business, and give them the gift of feeling great. Or, if you would prefer to keep the team together for your thank you, then why not consider a corporate yoga class; sure to be something special, memorable, and out of the ordinary for National Employee Appreciation Day 2022.

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