International Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day happens annually on 8 March, occurring on a Tuesday in 2022. International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to unite your workforce and make a collective stand against discrimination against women. It is also a great time to acknowledge the women who make a difference in your organisation, by celebrating the contributions and achievements of your female employees and leaders.

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day can be traced back to 1911 when the first gatherings to mark the day were held in Australia, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. That’s over a century of support for the end of gender-based discrimination. Now, this special day gives us the chance to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is a time for reflection, advocacy and action, for coming together with a united voice to promote equality and the local, national and global level.

International Women’s Day 2022

The theme for the 2022 International Women’s Day is “Break the Bias”. The theme encourages us to imagine a gender-equal world. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Around the world, the day will be acknowledged with lectures, speeches, presentations, performances, parties, exhibitions and public health campaigns. Women and their supporters are also invited to strike the “Break the Bias” pose and share their images on social media.

Improving Wellbeing for Women

International Women’s Day also gives you the chance to shine the spotlight on the health and wellbeing of the women in your workforce, and promote corporate health programs and information that will be of particular benefit to women. It is the perfect opportunity to send reminders about the importance of regular pap smears and breast examinations. There is also plenty of information out there about the particularly harmful effects of smoking and excess alcohol consumption for women.

Improving Work for Women

By acknowledging International Women’s Day at work, your organisation can play a part in ending discrimination against women and send a clear message that you want to create a workplace where women are valued, treated fairly, and rewarded for their efforts. If you would like to do something special to recognise and express gratitude for your employees, then why not consider one of our corporate massage services. It’s a great way to reward and celebrate your staff. We offer seated chair massages and table massages. Or, why not try our roving massages, during which our staff will move from person to person providing a therapeutic, relaxing, and calming massage for between five and fifteen minutes per person.

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