Corporate Golf Events.

It’s nearing corporate golf season! If you’re looking for social networking or a charity fundraiser, now is the time!

Golf is a fun, challenging, and interesting sport, and one that is growing in popularity across all demographics. Organising a corporate golf fundraiser is a contemporary way to raise money for your chosen charity, and can be adapted to ensure participants are kept safe in line with COVID-19 restrictions. 

Why Golf?

By its very nature, golf is a sport that brings people together. Unlike sports like football and soccer which require extreme concentration for the duration of the game, there are many more opportunities to socialise and chat during a game of golf. Players get the chance to mix and mingle or be paired with another professional they can associate and bond with.

 As there is usually a formal presentation at the end of the game of corporate golf, you will also get the chance to recognise and thank donors and contributors along with the winners.

 Golf is one of the sports that saw a rise in popularity between 2020 and 2021. One of the reasons for this is thought to be that it is one sport in which you can comfortably social distance. Players can participate safely in staggered rounds, and at different start times while still competing in a competition. Other safety measures can include ensuring equipment is only used by one person, limiting carts to a single golfer, and swapping out paper scoring systems for technological ones. In fact, golf event websites can be used to record and compare scores, handle receipts, donations, and forms.

 How To Arrange A Corporate Golf Day

The most important part of hosting a corporate golf day as a fundraiser is finding a suitable course to play on. Do some research about options in your area, and contact clubs to discuss their packages and options. You will also need to have a date in mind for clubs to be able to check availability for you. Once your venue and date are locked in, you will need to promote the event to potential players and corporate sponsors. With players and teams confirmed, you need to consider other fundraising opportunities for the day, such as raffles and auctions. You will need to arrange prizes and certificates, and make sure that sponsors and participants at your corporate golf event get plenty of coverage on your social media and websites. 

 The Flexible Fundraiser

A benefit of corporate golf as a fundraiser is that competitions can readily be adapted to meet changing guidelines and restrictions. This means that there is a good chance that fundraising events can be adapted and modified, rather than canceled, should the environment change. It’s even possible to host a completely virtual golf tournament or a combination of virtual and in-person events. If you’re organising a golf fundraiser, be sure to check venue capacity, mask-wearing requirements, and guidelines related to equipment and carts. 

Onsite Massage to Improve Your Swing!

If you are organising a corporate golf day as a fundraiser, contact Corporate Hands to enable you to provide participants with a rejuvenating massage on the golf course. Our specialised event massage is offered at events like corporate golf days to create a fun and vibrant environment along with the added bonus of warming up the muscles to get the most out of your swing! 

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