World Teachers Day

Australia’s future is bright, in large part thanks to the teachers who support our children through their learning journey. Teachers make a big difference in our community. There is no better way to thank your teachers for their contribution than with a wellness service for World Teachers Day.

What is World Teachers Day?

UNESCO established World Teachers Day in 1994 to celebrate and commemorate how teachers contribute to learning and employment across the globe. World Teachers Day allows us to celebrate all that teachers and educators give and do for our community. In Australia, we will recognise world Teachers Day on Friday 29 October 2021.

The last two years have been a time in every teacher’s career that they will never forget. Many have had to work long and extra hours, to support their students in navigating the difficulties of the global pandemic.

The challenge of remote learning has meant that teachers have had to approach their work differently. They have had to be more present, persistent, and patient than ever with their students. So many teachers have supported their children through the stresses of COVID-19. From our teachers, we have seen outstanding examples of leadership, kindness, and commitment.

Saying thank you to our teachers

Now is the time to thank your teaching staff for their fantastic effort during the pandemic. By offering your teachers the chance to enjoy one of our corporate wellness services, you will show them how important their wellbeing is to you and the parents and families at your school.

World Teachers Day is a great opportunity to take care of the needs of your teachers, and in doing so you will remind them that how they feel is important. So many teachers forget about taking time out to enjoy activities that promote wellbeing. Our teachers are so committed that they skip lunch, leave work late, and forgo time at the gym to ensure their students are supported and given the best opportunities to learn.

Teachers feel the stress

Teachers often need to be reminded to practice self-care. This means encouraging them to eat well, get enough sleep, participate in exercise and limit the amount of alcohol they consume. Another way to show them how to take care of their physical body is to treat them to a relaxing, holistic massage for World Teachers Day.

When you provide the reward of a massage, or the chance to participate in a session of corporate yoga or meditation, you are showing your staff how you value their health. The team from Corporate Hands pays close attention to any physical symptoms or locations of stress that we notice in our clients. A massage is a personalised way to remind teachers that their contribution matters.

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