Mental Health Week – 9-16th OCTOBER 2021

World Mental Health Day occurs on 10 October every year, to raise awareness of and generate support to improve mental health at a global level. The theme for Mental Health Day 2021 is Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality. The pandemic has impacted many people’s mental health and wellbeing, and mental health conditions are becoming more prevalent in our communities. As a result, we are realising the need for improved access to quality mental health services and the important part that workplaces play in supporting the wellbeing of their employees.


Mental Health Month

Incorporating World Mental Health Day, we now recognise the whole month of October as Mental Health Month. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about mental illness, how it can be experienced and what we can do to support people who are struggling. It is estimated that one in five Australians will experience depression or anxiety each year and that 45% of Australians will experience a mental disorder in their lifetime. Mental health conditions can impact people of any age and from any culture or background. The chances are that someone in your family or workplace is currently receiving professional support to improve their mental health. It’s surprisingly common but still often misunderstood, especially within the work context.


Mental Health Month at Work

Mental Health Month reminds us that work and working conditions are key social determinants of mental health. The environment and culture of a workplace can have a big impact on how the people who work there are feeling. When people feel safe and accepted at work and have good relationships with their colleagues, they are more likely to feel happy and healthy. People unhappy at work may be more prone to experiencing poor mental health and may be more likely to use alcohol and other substances. The productivity of people who are experiencing poor mental health and don’t feel supported at work can suffer.


Recognising Mental Health Week – 9- 16th October 2021

With the spotlight on mental health for this week in October, now is the time to think about how mental health is discussed, described and supported at your workplace. The theme for Mental Health Month this year is “Tune In”- a perfect prompt for checking in with and being attentive to the people we work with. Show your staff that you value their wellbeing with a visit from our massage team, as we “tune in” to any stresses or discomfort carried in the body. Mental Health Week is the perfect time to promote good mental health and support the wellbeing of your employees. You can read more from

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